Maddox’s “KOOL WOD”

Maddox’s “KOOL WOD”

Come join us at Swallowtail Flats for an awesome Crossfit Workout. This is and open workout so bring a buddy! Be there by 9am!

Chromosome 17q21.31 micro deletion syndrome {now called Koolen-deVries Syndrome} is a very rare genetic condition in which a tiny piece is missing from one of the 46 chromosomes, in this case the 17th chromosome.

This syndrome is a multi-system disorder characterized by developmental delay, intellectual disability, muscle weakness (hypotonia), epilepsy, distinctive facial features and congenital malformations of the heart, urogenital tract and the central nervous system. Not all individuals with KdVS have all these features, i.e., the clinical spectrum of the condition is wide.

20 minute AMRAP:

Trail Run 400 meters
17 KB swings
21 sit-ups
31 squats
Trail Run 400 meters
17 DB Thrusters. 1 DB
21 med ball cleans
31 push-ups