Hero WOD Friday ” The Dallas Five”

“The Dallas 5”

800 Meter Run


5 Rounds of

10 Deadlifts 275/185

10 Pullups


10 Toes To Bar

10 GHD Situps

Dallas 5

Horrific events can sometimes be viewed only in the abstract — five cops killed in the line of duty — even while feeling empathy for victims and their families. But the officers killed in Dallas are not mere statistics to a horrible story nor are they an abstraction. Rather, they were five men who were fathers, husbands, brothers, sons. Ranging in ages from 32 to 55, all took disparate paths to law enforcement careers — some hometown boys done good, others transplants from cities elsewhere in the country.

But to a man, they shared a common thread: Their devotion to public service, and their willingness to put themselves in harm’s way to protect the public they serve. Today, we mourn for them and the families they left behind.

Their names are Brent Thompson, Lorne Ahrens, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael J. Smith, and Michael Krol.