CrossFit Sacrifice WOD Wednesday December 14, 2016

Gymnastics Conditioning
EMOM x 12min
1. 5-8 Deficit HSPU (4”/2”)

(S1: HSPU)

(S2: 15sec HS wall hold)
2. 6-12 Pistols (S1: Foot behind leg pistol)

(S2: Band or pole assistance)

8 x 30sec Max Cal Row
– 90 sec rest btw
*score is total cals, but record range of highest & lowest cal sets*

Core Cashout
Accumulate 90sec ring L-sit position

(S1: Knee Raise Hold on Rings)

(S2: Box L-Sit/Knee Raises)


Hans and Franz! They are here to pump you uuup!!