CrossFit Sacrifice WOD Monday January 30, 2016

Run Intervals
– 4 x 800m Run
*2 min rest on own time between laps
(If under 3:00 min for first 800m, run 5 intervals)
(If over 5:00 min for first 800m, only run 3 intervals)

Gymnastics Conditioning
5 Sets:
-Max Set Strict Pull-ups (Accumulate) (S1: Use bands)
-Max set HSPU with 4/2” deficit
-10 sec L-Sit Hold on Rings (S1: Knee Raise Hold)

Core Cashout
-Max Time Plank (If max time plank is <1 min, accumulate 90 sec of plank)

-Runner’s Lunge
-Achilles/Calves Wall Stretch


Great work gang up in Rome, GA!