CrossFit Sacrifice WOD Wednesday February 22, 2017

15min Open Muscle Up Practice (Bar or Ring)
(S1: Chest to Bar or Butterfly Pull-ups)
(S2: Kipping Pull-ups)
(S3: Kips, Top of pull-up hold x5, 5 sets of max ring rows)

3 Rounds for Max Reps:
-1 min HSPU (S1: Pike Push-ups)

-1 min Double Unders (S1: Singles*)
-1 min Overhead Squats (75/55#)
-1 min Cal Row
-1 min REST
*Every 2 singles is 1 rep

**Score is total reps of all rounds

Core Cashout
3 Sets:
-30 sec weighted plank (5 to 25lb)
-15 V-ups


Today the Army recognized Coach Dug for 20 years of selfless service.

Most of those years spent during a time when this Country was at War.

Dug spent several tours in both theaters where he was wounded twice.

 Always out front I bet he has not one single regret.  Well done SFC Becker, you may be retired but you will always be a Soldier!!!