WOD Wednesday April 5, 2017

NO 530/630/830/930!  Weather!  First WOD at Noon!

Split Jerk Balance Drill – Feet start & end in the same split receiving position (feet don’t move); bar starts in the front rack. Trains athlete to get under the bar further/faster.

Split Jerk
15 min to build to a heavy 1 rep split jerk from the rack

10 RFT:
-5 KBS (70/53#)
-5 KB SDLHP (70/53#)
-20 Double Unders (S1: 40 Singles)
**15min Time Cap

Core Cashout
3 Sets:
-10 Leg Raise + Hip Lift
-30 sec Plank each side

Just want to Congratulate our very own Cory Gibson on making it to the Regionals.  A ton of hard work was put in and we will be in Atlanta June 2nd to support you!