WOD Wednesday

Open Muscle Up (Bar or Ring) Work for 12 min
Rx: EMOM 1-3 MU
S1: Work on getting 1st MU
S2: Work on Chest to Bar, Kipping, Negative Pull-ups
S1: Work on Pull-ups, Kipping

17min AMRAP
-400m RUN
-20 Push Press (115/75#)
-20 GHD Sit-ups
(S1: Ab Mat Sit-ups)

-Runner’s Lunge (Elbow to Ground)
-Light Post Stretch

Core/Back Cashout
3 Sets:
-10 Reverse Flies
-30 sec Side Plank each side

We are especially proud of this group of athletes that Ran Across Georgia this weekend!  Nice work Gang!