WOD Wednesday June 14, 2017


For Time:
Every 8 min for 4 Rounds:
-20 Cal Row
-30 DB Squat Snatches (Rx+ 50/35#, Rx 35/25#, S1 25/15#)
-40 Double Unders
-Rx+ 5 Bar Muscle Ups (Rx 10 Chest-to-Bar) (S1: 12 Pull-ups)
*Score: time for each of the 4 rounds
**Lowest level movement grades workout. Ex: Must Rx+ everything to “Rx+” the workout

-Deep Squat Hold
-Lat/Shoulder Stretches (PVC Pipe)
-Calf/Achilles Wall Stretch

Core Cashout
3 Sets:
-15 GHD Hip Ext. + 10 sec Hip Ext Hold
-40 Mt. Climbers

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