• 31AUG, 2017

    Hero WOD Friday September 1.2017

    “VAN AALTEN AMRAP in 20 minutes (with a Partner) 2000 meter Row / partner Handstand 150 Wall Ball Shots / partner Handstand Max Toes-to-Bars (alternate sets) One partner works on the row and wall ball shots while the other partner holds in handstand. Once the wall balls are complete both partners move to the toes-to-bar,

  • 30AUG, 2017

    WOD Thursday August 31.2017

    Weightlifting E2MOM x 10min -3 Back Squats (5 sets) -all sets over 75% 1RM -record heaviest set For Time: Buy-in: 800m RUN 15-12-9-6-3 -Push Press -Box Jumps (24/20”) Buy-out: 800m RUN RX+ 125/85 Rx 115/75 S1 95/65 Mobility -Calves/Achilles Wall Stretches -Pigeon Stretch Core/Back Cashout 3 Sets: -45 sec Weighted Glute Bridge Hold (10-45# plate)

  • 29AUG, 2017

    WOD Wednesday August 30.2017

    WOD Wednesday Skill Rope Climb Skill Work (12min) -Learn J-hook with feet (not S-hook) -reinforce high knee pull up & hold until J-hook locked-in -RX+ Legless Rope Climb with kip (start seated) -S1 Rope Pulls + T2R (Standing to Laying to Standing Position plus Toes-to-Rope) -S2 Rope Holds (2 positions: bend arms and arms straight

  • 28AUG, 2017

    WOD Tuesday August 29.2017

    “Mary on the Run” 20min AMRAP -5 Handstand Push-ups -10 Pistols (alternating) -15 Pull-ups -200m RUN Mobility -Pigeon Stretch -Quad Stretch on Wall -Deep Squat Hold Core/Back Cashout 3 Sets: -10 Reverse Flies (2.5-10lb) (squeeze shoulder blades, & pause at top) -15 V-ups -20 sec Hollow Rock Hold -25 GHD Hip Ext

  • 27AUG, 2017

    WOD Monday August 28, 2017

    Weightlifting 2rm Overhead Squats -From the rack, build to a heavy complex in 15 min For Time: 30-25-20-15 -Hang Power Clean (95/65#) -Wall Balls (20/14#) -Cal Row **20min Time Cap S1 25-20-15-10 scaled rep scheme Mobility -Frog Pose -Scorpion Stretches Core Cashout 3 Sets: -15 GHD Sit-ups -1 min Plank