WOD Thursday August 24, 2017

7×3 Bench Press
-1 sec pause on every rep
-build without failures
-14min for all 7 sets

5 RFT:
-15 Thrusters*
-50 Double Unders
Rx+ 115/75
Rx 95/65
S1 75/55
*Pick a weight that allows max 3 sets to complete thrusters each round. Keep moving
**20min Time Cap

-Runner’s Lunge
-Frog Pose
-Calves/Achilles Wall Stretches

Core Cashout
3-4 Sets:
-30 Plank Twists (maintain tight core & do not let hips sag)
-Max L-Sit on Pirouettes (or accumulate 10 sec)