Hero WOD Friday September 1.2017

  • AMRAP in 20 minutes
  • (with a Partner)
  • 2000 meter Row / partner Handstand
  • 150 Wall Ball Shots / partner Handstand
  • Max Toes-to-Bars (alternate sets)

One partner works on the row and wall ball shots while the other partner holds in handstand. Once the wall balls are complete both partners move to the toes-to-bar, with one partner working while the other rests, alternating and performing as many toes-to-bar as possible in the remaining time.

 This Hero WOD was originally posted by CrossFit Mayhem for their “3.0” grand opening on February 11, 2017 – calling it “our local Hero WOD.”

Sergeant (SGT) Alexander Van Aalten, 21, of the Cumberland Cove community near Monterey, Tennessee, died during combat operations in Afghanistan on Friday, April 20, 2007. SGT Alex Van Aalten volunteered for a mission to rescue a Dutch Soldier stuck in a minefield. That morning as he attempted to rescue a Dutch Corporal, Cor Strik, a land mine required his last full measure.

SGT Alex Van Aalten was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and the Netherlands Decoration of Merit of the Minister of Defense in Gold. He is buried in Section 60 of the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA, next to the Pentagon.