WOD Tuesday

3 Max Rep Sets at ~60% 1RM Deadlift
-rest ~2-3min between sets
-focus on core & heal drivee
-score is total reps of all 3 sets
-if no known 1RM, build to a heavy set of 10, & record that

4 x 3 min Max Effort Intervals
On a 3:00min clock:
-200m Sprint
-15 Overhead Squats
-AMRAP Sit-ups in remaining time
-1 min REST
-Repeat 3 more times
**score is total sit-ups of all 5 rounds
*Be smart about weight choice. Goal is to have 20-60 sec for sit-ups every round
Rx+ 135/95#
Rx 115/75#
S1 95/65#

-Runner’s Lunge
-PVC Shoulder Stretches


Core/Back Cashout
3 sets:
-30 sec Side Plank each side
-10 Reverse Flies (2.5-10lb)