Renae is a proud military spouse and mother to two amazing boys. She has been a part of the CrossFit community for over four years. While stationed at Fort Riley, KS, she attended her first CrossFit class, not knowing what to expect and was so apprehensive. However, she ended up falling in love with it, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I enjoy helping others improve their overall health and fitness and am always looking for ways to improve myself so that I can better assist others. I obtained my CF-L1 in January 2020, my CF-L2 in August 2021 and am currently working on my personal training certification. Currently hold my Level 1 PN Nutrition Coach Certification and will be updating this one in the following year.

I like the variety that crossfit offers. From weight lifting to cardio and gymnastic movements, there’s always something you’ll encounter in a WOD that will challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone. And the community is amazing, too, resembling a family, that is there cheering and encouraging you to do your best.

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.


  • Crossfit Level One
  • Crossfit Level Two
  • Level 1 PN Nutrition Coach Certification


Crossfit Coach





4+ years