Hero WOD

Hero WOD

Adle (Time)
4 Rounds for Time
6 Dumbbell Lungesters (2×35/20 lb)*
29 Up-Downs
200 meter Shuttle Sprints (4×50 m)
*1 Lungester consists of 1 Left-Leg Lunge, 1 Right-Leg Lunge, 1 Thruster

This workout is dedicated to Lance Corporal Patrick Ryan Adle, a former star football and lacrosse player at Fallston High School who joined the Marine Corps when he turned 18 because he wanted to protect his family and his country. He was killed near Baghdad, Iraq, when the Humvee he was riding in struck a land mine on June 29, 2004. A Marine reservist, Adle was on his second tour of duty in Iraq.

He is survived by a brother, Michael Adle Jr., and his father, Michael Adle, both of Bel Air. He is buried at Arlington Cemetery.

Adle was killed on June 29, 2004. Hence the rep scheme of 6 lungesters, 29 up downs, 200m shuttle run for 4 rounds.

– 2min Assault Bike/400m Jog/2min Row (Cool down speed)
– 20 passes(up/down) BarBell(45) Smashing
(Quads, IT band, Hamstring)