Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Split Jerk Werk (Weight)
EMOM 11:

Odd: 3 Split Jerks
*Warm-up to 70% of 1 RM Split Jerk & increase load every set
thereafter; AHAP

Even: 1 Legless Rope Climb

Scale: 1 Rope Climb or 3 Tarzan Pulls

*record heaviest weight in Wodify

Metcon (Time)
5 RFT:

400m Run
15 Deadlifts 135/95

The exercise selection will switch each round:
1st- Deadlifts
2nd-Front Squats
4th-OH Lunges

Cash-Out (optional but highly encouraged):
20 Weighted GHD Sit-ups
20 MB Side Throws (10R/10L)