CrossFit – Thu, Dec 1

CrossFit – Thu, Dec 1

Metcon (Weight)

Deadlift w/3 sec pause @ the knee:
1×5@40% of Training Max
1×5@50% of Training Max
1×5@60% of Training Max

Training Max=90% of 1 RM

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Death by Devils Presses with a sandbag.
(minute 1 – one devils press, minute 2 – two devils press, minute 3 – three devils press)

4×20 SB Rotational Swings

*Begin each round with a 100ft. Sprint. 

*When you can no longer complete the devils presses for that minute  do the cash out

Weight: 75/45

Scale the weight of the SB accordingly

Record the round completed in Wodify