CrossFit – Mon, Dec 19

CrossFit – Mon, Dec 19

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

1×5@50% of New TM
1×3@60% of New TM
1×2@70% of New TM
1×1@75% of New TM
1xME@80% of New TM

Target=>8 Reps

New Training Max= Add 5 lbs. for
every rep over 10 performed from
week #3’s ME set @75%..

Metcon (Time)

50 T2B
20 Wall Walks
10 Rope Climbs

For Time.

L1: Kip Swing to L-Sit/Knee Tuck
L2: Kip Swing to L-Sit

L1: 1 Abmat HSPU
L2: 2 Abmat HSPU
L3: Box Pike HSPU (Strict Pike)

L1: GHD SU to parallel
L2: Alt. V-Ups
L3: In & Outs

Wall Walks=Get as close to the wall
as possible or accumulate 2:00 of
a wall-facing HS Hold

L1: Climb 1/2 the Rope
L2: 20 K2E on the Rope
L3: 10 Tarzan Pulls from the ground