CrossFit – Wed, Dec 21

CrossFit – Wed, Dec 21

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

1×5@50% of New TM
1×3@60% of New TM
1×2@70% of New TM
1×1@75% of New TM
1xME@80% of New TM

Target=>8 Reps

New Training Max= Add 5 lbs. for
every rep over 10 performed from
week #3’s ME set @75%

Metcon (Time)


Cal Row
DB Thrusters 2×50/35

Cash-out: 50 Target Burpees

Strict Target 6″ above the athlete’s max reach.

Time is when you finish the burpees

*find a spot on the rig or on a yellow pole