CrossFit – Thu, Apr 27

CrossFit – Thu, Apr 27

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Partner Workout.

Both partners work at the same time. Partner A works on the reps for the total score while Partner B controls the time spent at each station. Partners will switch before moving onto the next station. The score for today is total reps with the least amount of time.

Station 1:
Partner A – Tire Flips (for reps)
Parnter B – Runs 400m

Station 2:
Partner A – Shoulder Taps, Back-facing wall (for reps)
Parnter B – Rows 500m

Station 3:
Partner A – Hammer Slams (for reps)
Partner B – Echo Bike 1.5 Mi

Station 4:
Partner A – Burpee to Over the Shoulder Throw w/ Sand Bag100 (for reps)
Partner B – 300 Double-Unders

*score will be total reps

*record time in comments