CrossFit – Mon, Dec 5

CrossFit – Mon, Dec 5

Metcon (Weight)

Back Squat:
7×5 @65% of NEW TM
1×5+ @65% of NEW TM

Rest 75 seconds btwn sets.

New Training Max= Add 5 lbs. for
every rep over 10 performed from
week #3’s ME set @75%.

Record what your new training max
is because this is the weight we will
be working off of for the next 4 weeks.

Metcon (Time)

30 RFT:
5 T2B

Rx+ Deficit HSPU

L1: Kip-Swing to L-Sit & Tuck/Abmat HSPU/Jumping or Banded BMU
L2: Kip-Swing to L-Sit/Push Press 135/95/”Wall Jump” & Press +48″
L3: Kip-Swing (focus on getting
behind the bar)/Strict Press 95/65/Barbell PU+Barbell Dip